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General Lawn Maintenance Services: Brush Removal, Mulching, Weed Control, Overseeding, Bush and Hedge Trimming
Professional Leaf and Brush removal services for Knoxville and Farragut, TN Make your yard the envy of
your neighbors!

Don't be disapointed with the appearance of your yard. We provide leaf removal and many other services to get your yard looking great. Anytime is a great time to upgrade your yard. Here are some things we can do to beautify your home.

• Clean up downed trees, remove leaves, sticks and other items that have fallen during the winter creating a mess for you.

• Dethatch your lawn

• Trim bushes and shape shrubs

• Edge beds

• Plant new shrubs, flowers, or trees

Edging and Mulching Services

Mulch is an easy inexpensive way to improve the look of your landscape. Mulching around trees not only cleans up the look and hides roots, but it prevents any damage that could occur from mowers or string trimmers. A neatly edged mulch bed around the foundation of a home is a great place to plant shrubs or flowers. Weeding, edging, and applying new mulch to an old bed can revitalize the look of your home.

Brush and Leaf Removal Services
Our brush, bush and leaf removal systems are the best. We can remove the old bushes, plants, limbs, sticks and other unsightly debris from your yard. In addition, we'll leave the cleaned areas prepped for new plantings. This is all done with little to no lawn damage.

Bush and Hedge Trimming
You will be amazed at how clean and sharp your home will look when your old, unkempt bushes and trees are professionally trimmed. Our talented crew is great at shaping and re-gaining structure to old or overgrown shrubs surrounding your home. After trimming, we perform excellent clean-ups to keep your yard looking its best.

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We'll Keep Your Lawn Beautiful All Year Long With Our General Services:

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Leaf removal services. You deserve a beautiful lawn
About Us.........Services.........Testimonials........Contact Us.......Home ...... Video