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You deserve beautiful lawn care
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Providing Lawn Care Services in the West Knoxville area since 1998, we want you to know all about Grass Masters
Grass Masters was founded in 1998 by (Chuck Champ) father, and his two sons (Nick and Charles).
They started this company with a push mower and a good motive, which was to “Give the customer top quality service at an affordable price.” This basic premise is what has helped them grow Grass Masters into a premier property maintenance company over the years.

Father Charles, told the boys at a young age “boys if you're going to do something, "do it right and do it right the first time, because if you don’t it will come back to bite you.”
As simple as that sounds most companies fail to do this. Most of the time they are more concerned about getting jobs in and getting them out, or attempting to grow the business too big. When this happens, they lose what their company was built on, and that’s their personal touch and quality.

Grass Masters is big enough to handle almost any job you can throw at us, but we're still small enough to give our customers that personal touch. Grass Masters cares about quality. We also pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service. Over the years we have learned that these two things can take you far in any business.

Grass Masters is dedicated to pleasing every one of our customers to our highest ability and we always strive for the best in every job we complete.

Give us a call for a free quote or a no obligation lawn proposal and let us show you why Grass Masters is West Knoxville’s premier property maintenance company!

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• Competitively Priced, Reliable, and Responsive to your needs

• We're Licensed and Insured and use well maintained commercial equipment

• We offer personalized programs and free consultations to meet your special
needs and keep your lawn beautiful and healthy!

It's loaded with coupons and special cleanup savings! Then just give us a call to schedule an appointment to answer any questions you may have, and watch us earn your business!
Grass Masters Knoxville Lawn Care Services - Logo
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Phone: 865-385-3262
You deserve beautiful lawn care

We'll Keep Your Yard Beautiful All Year Long With Our Lawn Care Services:

About Us.........Services.........Testimonials........Contact Us.......Home ...... Video